Egg – the perfect product

Egg – the perfect product

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The best source of amino acids, especially essential ones, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals – the egg is undoubtedly an excellent food product that is second to none in nature.

Some scientists claim that we could safely just eat eggs to give our body all the ingredients it needs to function properly. Because of its ideal composition, the egg is considered to be medicinal food. Thanks to the biologically activity substances contained in eggs (including immunoglobulins), they are increasingly used as an ingredient in cosmetics.

What does an egg contain?

Egg shell

An excellent source of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus as well as many minerals such as zinc, flint and selenium. They can be used to fertilise potted and garden plants.

Egg yolk

Contains lecithin, choline, xanthophylls and immunoglobulins to nourish cells, helps the brain function, keeps the eyes healthy and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Hen protein

Hen egg protein has been recognised by the FAO/WHO organisation as an international standard for amino acid composition, referred to as a model protein and a popular choice for athletes. It is also a rich source of B vitamins (mainly B2). Unlike the yolk, the egg white is virtually fat-free.

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